About us

The meaning of karamat carries with it a sense of generosity, bounty, and gifts from nature. The Karamat Collection exudes this philosophy of abundance throughout its extensive fragrance selection.

From the delicate perfume of a single rose, to the rich aroma of spicy woods, the world has been blessed with natural ingredients that have been the cornerstones of perfumery since time immemorial. Karamat Collection’s team of world-renowned perfumers and chemists have made it their life’s work to seek out the highest-quality, natural, and sustainable ingredients that are at the heart of every unique Karamat Collection fragrance.

Inspired by a long family tradition in the fragrance industry, and carrying the legacy of their late father, Mohamed Karamat, the Karamat family have curated a collection that brings timeless scents and modern twists together in a selection of luxurious fragrances that resonates with a wide variety of tastes and sensibilities.

From everyday personal wear, to special occasion home fragrances, Karamat Collection perfumes create aromatic experiences with scents that are as unique as our clientele. Each and every one of our products is a story into itself and one spritz is the first step on a sensory journey like no other.